"The less you reveal, the more people can wonder."

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."




Most of the young people today don’t think that politics affect them, so they toss it aside & say “to hell with it!” but that’s not the kind of attitude they should have. I think that, as a young registered voter, it is very important for America’s youth to get involved in the matter because whether they like it or not, politics does affect them & all the nay-sayers (to politics), for that matter. Our founding fathers did not fight for our independent nation in vain, they fought for our right to vote when we thought we would never have a say in the matter, they fought for our freedom & our liberty. Hell, we even fought for women’s right to vote! Just think about all the people who stand idly by while their government limits almost everything they do, or while someone dictates what they can and cannot do. Think about all the women who get imprisoned for doing something that we in America think is so petty & just think about all the rights we have here in the United States that so many other people could never have. We are taking things for granted people & the least we can do to say Thank You to our founding fathers is vote. It is a privilege, a right, our civic duty as an American citizen, but not many people see it that way, especially the young people. Just because you don’t care about politics doesn’t mean that it won’t affect you. Maybe you’re in school working on your undergraduate degree in a medical profession, graduating high school this year & haven’t decided what you want to do yet, graduating with your Bachelor’s in engineering, or whatever the case… you may not think that politics has an effect on your life, but it does.. maybe later down the road, you want to open your own business or practice in your profession & see that there are ridiculous regulations to minor things that alter or prohibit you from doing so.. wouldn’t it crush you if you knew that you could have done something about it just a few years back? Or even if you’re a hobo living with your parents, there will be laws against petty things, once again, prohibiting you from doing that (for example)… I’m not necessarily saying that if you don’t vote these things will happen. No, i’m saying that if we knew we could have done something to change what occurs in our not-so-distant future, would you not? Just think about that. Voting is SO simple, i mean you can compare it to your time dedicated to watching tv, playing video games, worrying about who’s dating who & what celebrity was a new reality tv show. It’s just a simple effort, out of your oh-so-busy life to attend for less than an hour to cast your vote. Yes, I know that a lot of people think that politicians are all liars, but that’s how they got to play the game to win your vote & it’s your job to determine who is genuinely for the people, or who is lesser of two evils. In my opinion, you should vote for someone who is essentially for the majority of people. A candidate that hasn’t change their views on subjects a numerous amount of times just so they look better. Someone who has always had the same beliefs & has NOT lied or been deceitful in the public eye. Someone who has not cheated on their wife, while participating in an impeachment of the President for cheating on his wife. Someone who has not changed their beliefs to get the viewer’s votes. C’mon People! just do your research & remember all the people who don’t have the privilege to do what they want at their own free will & vote for that matter.

Sorry for my rambling. I’m just annoyed by ignorant misinformed lazy people that are my age.